Expanion for Corporates

Campus Hiring Partner
Hire from a pool of Expanion trained and certified students across the country. We can also assist in conducting pooled campus drives and online evaluations to screen candidates from various campuses.
Campus Bootcamp
Guide and mentor your fresh campus hires even before they complete their course and start their career in your organisation. Ensures that these hires are Fungible SDEs who are industry ready and can be immediately deployed after they join.
Skill Upgrade Program
Train the engineers/developers who are already a part of your team. Help them revisit the basics and strengthen their core competencies or expose them to the latest technologies to quickly ramp them up and make them valuable resources.
Leadership Connect Program
Identify the best people for Senior Positions in your organisation by using Expanion. Let your leaders interact with suitable candidates over a period to determine if they are the best fit for you!

Frequently asked questions

  1. On Campus Hiring Partner how many colleges are associated with Expanion?
    There are 10-20 colleges in India which are associated with Expanion. We are also open to conduct drives in any campus
  2. On Campus Bootcamp who are the trainers. Do the students get evaluated ?
    The trainers are people who are currently working in product companies. Students will go through contineous evaluation and they will be given certificate with the grade (based on their performance).
  3. On Skill Upgrade program who are the trainers?
    Trainers are the people who are currently working in product companies.
  4. Leadership Connect program is targeted for what segment of hiring?
    Leadership Connect Program is targeted for hiring experience candidates from 4-15+ yrs of experience. The interaction module content will vary based on the experience and job family
  5. As a corporate we are interested. What is the next step?
    You can mail your requirement at contact-us@expanion.com or you can call us directly at +91-7338824481.